The Conference Room is located on the first floor of the Marina Lakes Clubhouse and can be accessed using your fob.  The space is available for any Marina Bay resident to use on a first come first serve basis. In the spirit of community we hope residents will feel comfortable sharing the space with others if not reserved. 

Please note that any group or person with a reservation will be given precedence to use the space.  To avoid any conflicts it is recommended to check the website to make sure the space is available if you want to use it at a specific time. 

To have exclusive use of room you must reserve the space under the Reservations section on this website.  The space can be reserved by any resident for private group meetings, lectures, book clubs, knitting circles, etc. with a max number of 25 attendees and a maximum rental time of 2 hours. If planning a party, the Bayside Clubhouse space should be reserved instead.  Refreshments are allowed but limited to water and a few finger foods.  Please make sure to clean up after yourself.  No dogs are allowed in the Conference Room. Note that residents are responsible for all guests allowed access onto the property.